Research groups

Clinical Epidemiology Research

The focus is to translate epidemiology into effective diabetes prevention and treatment strategies

Diabetes Complications Research

The focus is to find new ways to prevent and treat micro- and macrovascular diabetes complications with a special focus on diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetes Management Research

The focus is to develop and document innovative methods in patient education, social support of patients, and support related to ‘diabetes and the workplace’

Diabetes Prevention Research

The focus is to identify ways to prevent diabetes in real-life settings among children and adolescents and among adults at risk.

Research in Steno Clinic

Integrating research and development in clinical care

Systems Medicine

In the Systems Medicine Research group we aim to achieve a system-level understanding of metabolism and to translate this knowledge into novel solutions to benefit human health.In order to achieve this goal, we also work closely with the Steno Metabolomics Laboratory.

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